Marianne Heske, "Works and Notes", 1978

Text by Alexander van Grevenstein from the book Marianne Heske, Works and Notes, 1978.

Complexity and diversity demands rules and regulations. Order and logic are most of the time used in a false context. One of the topics in oversimplification in the search for order in man's behavior, is the theory of phrenology. It was initiated in the nineteenth century and has a strong positivistic character. To phrenology the different mental faculties such as hope, cautiousness, benevolence and perceptive capacities such as form, volume, colour etc., have specific positions in the brain. These positions are marked on the skull by a scheme, which consists of 35 sections.

Marianne Heske uses this scheme on a doll's mask. When we allow an individual to wear such a mask, it is possible to simplify still more our search for order.

In her work marianne Heske forces everyone to wear such a mask, but she also from time to time takes them off again. Then behind that mask we find someone who needs to express himself at speakers corner in Hyde park og somebody who thinks he's Jesus, not being able to express himself in an every day context.

Those who wear masks were called by Nietsche the "viel zu vielen". Marianne Heske tries to show the "others". Those who are often forced to live on another planet.